Pictures from various trips around Greece.
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Back in Greece on 2014
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Zagorachoria 2018
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Slopes of Mt. Penteli
View to Athens from hills over Fyli
Mt. Parnitha
Fortress of Fyli
Ancient Agora of Athens
Museum in Ancient Agora
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Acropolis seen from South side
Arch of Hadrianus, 18 m tall, 13,5 m wide. Converted to a gate called Kamaroporta at 1778 by Ottomans
Remains of temple of Olympian Zeus
Parthenon behind temple of Olympian Zeus
Acropolis seen through Zeus' temple rocks
Panathenaic Stadium
Burned forest on Mt. Parthiki
Burned forest on Mt. Parnitha
Athens seen from Mt. Parnitha
Seaside of Athens
Athens by the sea
I am sailing...
Small boats park.
At park Flisvos near Flisvos marina
Stairs of Acropolis
Temple in Filipapu hill
Secret stairs to Acropolis
Secret entrance seen further away
Mt. Lykavittos
Local shopping street
Beaches of Schinias
Sunbathing in Artemis
Presentation of driving skills
Trashcan trying to survive from rain
Driving on local roads
Schinias beach near Marathonas
Schinias beach near Marathonas
Local beach, local people
Dam of lake Marathonas. Only dam in the world made of marble.
Hellenic Parliament house
View over Athens from Mt. Lykavittos
Parthenon in Acropolis
Temple of Zeus
Channel of Corinthos
Channel of Corinthos
View from Halkida
Statue in Halkida
Pier in Halkida
Promenade in Halkida
Sunken bridge
This bridge goes underwater when ever a boat goes through the Corinthos channel
Theatre of Epidauros
Fortress in Nafplio
Do you see any rocks here?
Yep, those horizontal lines are made out of stones.
Hut in the hills
Car transportation
Temple of Poseidon in Sounio
Temple of Poseidon
Pieces of pillars from Temple of Poseidon
A small lake in Mt. Parnitha
Olympic stadium of Athens
A bunch of Hellenic people
Sporting in Athens
Sporting in Olympic stadium.
Our house to be
Can you see any swans?
You see those swans already?
Where the gardener when you need one...
Greeks are nautical people...
Greeks are nautical people...
...as you can see
View towards Peloponnisos
View from hills near Skinos
Coastal road between Skinos and Psatha bays
Coastal rock near Psatha bay
Wild fire in the mountains
Can you identify what is flying in mid-air?
Yes, you are supposed to see a kids swimming pool. You saw it, right?
Beaches near Kymi.
Beaches near Kymi.
Coast in Amarynthos
Turtles in mid-town.
Our fierce guard.
Acrocorinthos, first of three gates.
View from Acrocorinthos
View to lower parts of Acrocorinthos
Benjy jumper in Corinthos channel
Benjy jumper in Corinthos channel
Waterfall in Loutraki
Broken pot
Porto Gremeno
Action in zoo Attiko Parko
Karakolithos. In memory to the victims of a 1943 wartime massacre, and in honor of all the fighters of the resistance.
Mt. Parnassos seen from east.
Arahova village in south side on Mt. Parnassos
View from Arahova towards gulf of Corinth
Village of Eptalofos between Parnassos and Psilí Rákhi
Transportation on Mt. Tsímbra in Evia
Ferry from Northen Evia
View from Loutra Aidipsou in Evia
Pier in Loutra Aidipsou in Evia
Misty mountain Gangána in Evia
Misty fields in Evia
Drimona waterfall in Evia
Drimona waterfall in Evia
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Tatoi palace. Summer palace of former Greek royal family.
Summer pool of the King
Lunch time in Tatoi
Old stables in Tatoi
Local inhabitants in Kifissia
Casino will soon be in clouds
Snow on Mt. Penteli
Spring is coming to Athens
Spring is coming to Athens
Lunch break
Goats roaming freely. Common sight on smaller roads.
Limni Stymfalia in Peloponnesos
Summer tires, well, still managing
View towards Evrostina and Mt. Mávron Òros in northern Peloponnesos
View towards Evrostina and Mt. Mávron Òros in northern Peloponnesos
Virgin Mary Shelters, South of Derveni
Virgin Mary Shelters, South of Derveni
Virgin Mary Shelters, South of Derveni
Hills south of Derveni
Kesseraki monastery in Mt. Ymittos
Is the path trough the enchanted forest?
Should I take longer asphalt road or direct gravel route?
Holy Ascension Monastery of Skourta
According to GPS, this perfectly good as fast route forward.
Sunset in Attiki
Local musician
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Acropolis of Athens.
Ruins of 5th-century B.C. temple complex on Athens' rocky hilltop undergoing restoration.
Parthenon being restored. These landmark temple ruins on archaeological site with iconic Doric columns built from 447 BC.
Fallen column.
Part of temple of Olympian Zeus
Stately hall built in the 1880s for the first modern Olympic games, now used as a conference center.
Lykavittos seen from Acropolis
Theatre of Dionysus.
Huge, tiered performance space seating around 15,000 people, dating from the 6th century B.C.
A column of Olympian Zeus
Greek guards aka Evzones.
Part of Presidential Guard found outside the Hellenic Parliament
A Rock Partridge at Sounio
Tiny Greek crap
At tourist street near Monastiraki
Lambs ready for grill
Antonis Tritsis Park in Nea Philadelphia
Park in Nea Philadelphia
Rise and shine. Rise and shine
Sunrise in Porto Rafti
Wildfire North-East of Athens, around Marathonas
Results after wildfire in Northeast of Athens. 150 houses and 20000 hectares of forest was burned.
Forest near Marathonas
Hills of Attiki, Greece
Last remains of a bench
Lake Marathonas in August, 2009
Cafe near Lake Marathonas in August, 2009
A ferry coming to Agia Marina from Evia
Honoring the battle of Marathonas.
North side valley of Penteli
Valley near Dionysos
Results after wildfire in Northeast of Athens.
Slopes of Mt. Penteli after wildfire in August, 2009
Houses, burned slopes and Mt. Penteli
Fires reached from Grammatiko 20 km further South up to Pikermi and Pallini.
Small fishing harbor in Agioi Apostoloi
Misty mountains near Stefani
King Leonidas in Thermopylae
Nicely colored sea
Mindmills in Evvia
Old anchor, old fort. Karistos, south corner of Evvia
Karistos, south corner of Evvia
Beware - goats on the road
View in Rio
Twin towers of Rion fortress
Inside one of twin towers of Rion fortress
Carrier of torch in Nafpaktos
Green sea, formed from olive trees
Gymnasium in Delfi
Ruins of Delfi
Typical landscape in Greece: dry grass, bushes and lots and lots of mountains.
Lousios Gorge, river in a canyon in Peloponnes.
Gate to Palamidi (fortress) in Nafplion.
All three fortresses of Nafplion: Palamidi (standing there), Bourtzi (islet) and Akronapflia.
Palamidi in Nafplion
Reservuoir lake somewhere in Greece.
One of Meteora's monasteries.
Cliffs of Meteora.
City of Kavala
Something old, something new.
Old aqueduct in the middle of city of Kavala.
Promenade by the sea in Thessaloniki, White Tower in the distance.
Castle of Thessaloniki.
This Byzantine-era fortress features 10 towers & overlooks the city's acropolis.
Influences from the east in Thessaloniki.
Typical Greek architecture.
Easter is here, everyone get you bunnies.
Four of Meteora's monasteries.
Rocky coast, white chapel and a lonely boat on the sea: typical view in Greece.
Deserted beach
On my way to Kedrodasos Beach, Crete
Kedrodasos Beach, Crete. Too early to have tourists in May
Kedrodasos Beach, Crete
In Hania, Crete
Lighthouse in Chania, Crete
Is good that there's a sign to explain that this is a house (talo = house)
Old Venetian harbor, Chania, Crete
Traditional Greek dance
Stavros Refuge near Mt. Olympos
Monemvasia - Gibraltar of Greece
In Monemvasia
Village of Monemvasia
Delphi or Delfoi
Island of Poros.
If you see a sign warning of cows, better take it seriously.
What's better place for warming up than nice asphalt?
Animals on the move.
Don't be surprised if a two-lane road looks suddenly like this one. This is reality at least in central Peloponnesos, Greece.
Stream near Kerasia, Northern Evia.
Stream near Kerasia, Northern Evia.
Stream near Kerasia, Northern Evia.
Stream near Kerasia, Northern Evia.
Harbor of Alexandroupoli, Thrace, Greece.
Sea front of Alexandroupoli, Thrace, Greece.
Mountains in Thrace, Greece.
Horses free in the mountains, near Leptokarya, Thrace, Greece.
Road through river in Thrace, Greece
Waterfalls of Edessa, Greece.
Waterfalls in Edessa, Greece.
Lake Kastorias and city of Kastoria, Greece.
All traffic in Kastoria goes in a straight line, no deviations are accepted.
During Ragoutsaria (carnival) in Kastroria
Nice place for a herd.
Sparti to Kalamata
Wanted: Person for fixing posters. Not-being afreid of heights is a benefit.
Sparti to Kalamata
Narrow road
Near Filiatra
Eiffel tower of Greece in Filiatra
Ancient Olympia
Ancient playground for track and field in Olympia
Ancient Olympia
Archeological site, remains of Olympia
Ancient Olympia
Layout of Olympia
Dead trees and white flowers in Parnitha
Beachfront in Ios
Meadow in Parnitha
Asses of Santorini
Housing by the sea at Mykonos
Mykonos windmills
Alleys in Mykonos
By the pool on top of Mykonos
Different kind of member on the restraurant staff.
In Naousa, island of Paros
In Naousa, island of Paros
In Naousa, island of Paros
Sunset in Paros
Beach in Paros
Meat walks to your table in Naousa, Paros.
Corfu town
Corfu Town
Kerkyra, view from near Krini
Angelocastro in Kerkyra (Αγγελόκαστρο, Castle of Angelos or Castle of the Angel)
Sea by the Angelocastro in Kerkyra
Beach in Paleokastritsa, Kerkyra
Moat of Old Fortress in Corfu.
Street of Corfu Town