2016 Baltics

image map  Route. 1900 km, 8 days Kiiu tower  Tower of Kiiu Rakvere order castle  Rakvere order castle. Built 14th -16th century IMG 6501  Bull of Rakvere
IMG 6502  Lovers of Tartu IMG 6507  Brothers of Wilde IMG 6514  Bridge of Devils at Tartu IMG 6515  Bridge of Angels at Tartu
IMG 6519 Panorama  Old and new castle of Cesis IMG 6526  Street at Cesis IMG 6532  Entry to Daugavpils fortress IMG 6533  Entry to Daugavpils fortress
IMG 6527  At Daugavpils IMG 6528  At Daugavpils pedestrian street IMG 6540  Vilnius IMG 6541  At Vilnius
IMG 6542  Museum of Energy and Technology at Vilnius IMG 6543  View from the river to the Upper castle and Gediminas' Tower at Vilnius IMG 6549  Gediminas' Tower at Vilnius IMG 6555  Remains of a cathedral at Vilinius
IMG 6548  There many, many churches at Vilnius IMG 6561  Bell tower of Vilnius cathedral IMG 6570  Vilnius cathedral IMG 6564  Old town of Vilnius
IMG 6565  Old town of Vilnius. How many kettles do you see? IMG 6567  Old town of Vilnius IMG 6568  Vilnius town hall IMG 6571  Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
IMG 6572  A bit heavier bench and guitar at Vilnius IMG 6577  Trakai castle IMG 6582  Water traffic at Klaipeda IMG 6586  Klaipeda
IMG 6592  Bridge is closed manually at Klaipeda IMG 6596  Bridge open 15 minutes every hour for boats to go through IMG 6597  Is this the Leviathan? IMG 6608 Panorama  St. Peter's Church at Riga
IMG 6618  At Riga old town square Riga Cathedral  Riga cathedral IMG 6632 Panorama  At Riga old town square Riga castle  Riga castle
IMG 6626  Museum of art 'Rīgas Birža' IMG 6663  Haapsalu train station IMG 6666  Old train at Haapsalu IMG 6669  Old trains at Haapsalu
IMG 6670 Panorama  View to Haapsalu IMG 6676 Panorama  Haapsalu beach