2013 Balkans

image map  Route. 6000 km, 16 days IMG 2034  Pedestrian steet at Kaunas IMG 2035  Pedestrian steet at Kaunas IMG 2036  At Kaunas
IMG 2037  Cinema at Kaunas IMG 2038  Pedestrian street at Kaunas IMG 2047  At Warsaw IMG 2048 Panorama  Near old town of Warsaw
IMG 2052 Panorama  Old town of Warsaw IMG 2055  Nice clock at old town of Warsaw IMG 2056  Old town of Warsaw IMG 2058  Old town of Warsaw
IMG 2064  Old town of Warsaw IMG 2068 Panorama  The Royal Castle in Warsaw IMG 2071 Panorama  Castle square in Warsaw img 2074 Panorama  The Royal Castle in Warsaw
img 2080 Panorama  The Royal Castle in Warsaw img 2098 Panorama  At Warsaw img 2105 Panorama  Old city of Warsaw img 2108 Panorama  Old city of Warsaw
img 2121 Panorama  Presidential Palace, Warsaw img 2125 Panorama  Warsaw img 2131 Panorama  Palace of Culture and Science, Landmark 1950s-built palace of arts & culture with theater, sports field & 30th-floor terrace. IMG 2136  St. Florian's Gate at Crakow
IMG 2138  The Cloth hall at Crakow IMG 2140  Horse ride next to St Mary's basilica img 2142 Panorama  St. Mary's Basilica and The Cloth Hall at Crakow img 2146 Panorama  Townhall-tower at Crakow
IMG 2149  Goat playing flute at Crakow img 2156 Panorama  Wawel Royal Castle img 2161 Panorama  Wawel Royal Castle IMG 2175  Main square of Crakow
IMG 2187  Krakow barbikan, late 15th century fortified gateway img 2190 Panorama  Kraków Barbican, Defense gateway from 1490s, once linked to the city walls, now part of the city's Historical Museum IMG 2198  Parliament house at Budapest IMG 2204  Buda castle
IMG 2223  Széchenyi chain bridge at Budapest IMG 2230  Shopping street at Belgrad IMG 2231  At Belgrad IMG 2232  At Belgrad
IMG 2233  Pedestrian street in Sofia IMG 2234  Pedestrian street in Sofia IMG 2248  Kale Fortress in Skopje IMG 2250  At Skopje
IMG 2254  Philip II in Skopje (opposite to his son) IMG 2257  Justitian I in Skopje IMG 2259  Alexander the Great in Skopje IMG 2265  Skopje (Kale) fortress
IMG 2267  Dubrovnik old town IMG 2268  Dubrovnik old town IMG 2269  Dubrovnik old town IMG 2270  Dubrovnik old town
IMG 2284  Dubrovnik old town IMG 2287  Dubrovnik old town IMG 2288  Dubrovnik old town img 2289 Panorama  Wall of old town of Dubrovnik
IMG 2296  Dubrovnik old town img 2299 Panorama  Old town of Dubrovnik IMG 2304  Dubrovnik old town IMG 2305  Dubrovnik old town
IMG 2307  Rijeka IMG 2308  At Rijeka IMG 2309  Coast near Rijeka IMG 2311  At Venice
IMG 2312  At Venice IMG 2313  At Venice IMG 2317  At Venice IMG 2318  At Venice
img 2321 Panorama  Near the border between Austia and Germany, somewhere in the Alps IMG 2332  Riverfront at Salzburg, Fortress Hohensalzburg at the back IMG 2333  Street at Salzburg IMG 2336  Street at Salzburg
img 2338 Panorama  Salzburg Cathedral IMG 2342  Mozartplatz and statue of Mozart IMG 2346  Old watermill at Prague IMG 2360  At Charles Bridge in Prague
img 2362 Panorama  Senate palace at Prague img 2365 Panorama  At Prague IMG 2370  Charles bridge at Prague img 2378 Panorama  At Prague
img 2384 Panorama  At Prague img 2389 Panorama  At Prague IMG 2394  Seiling ornaments at Charles bridge in Prague IMG 2409  Charles bridge in Prague